jeudi 2 janvier 2014

Patty on "Ranking the Stars: The Hangover"

Patty and fellow celibrities on "Ranking The Stars: The Hangover"

BNN/Nederland 3's panel game show "Ranking The Stars: The Hangover" aired yesterday evening and drew 577.000 viewers (market share: 7%). This New Year's program was hosted by Paul de Leeuw and featured Patty Brard with other Dutch celebrities (Jeffrey Wammes, Yes-R, Anny Schilder, Sylvia Geersen, Jamai, Richard Groenendijk, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Sylvana Simons and Dennis Weening). A moment of fun and coviviality. During the show, Patty made a joke about Tatjana Simic's relationship with Dutch millionaire Lex van Hessen (click here to watch the excerpt). 

Click here to watch it. 

Source: BNN/Nederland 3, Ranking The Stars (Facebook), De Telegraaf

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