lundi 27 janvier 2014

French cover version of "Who do you wanna be?"

Luv's songs have often been covered by Dutch, Belgian or German artists. But recently I've found out that a French singer named Patricia Lavila recorded in 1979 a single called "Je l'ai dit mille fois" (I've said it thousand times), the cover version of Luv's "Who do you wanna be?". The original track appeared on the trio's first LP "With Luv" in 1978 and was released as a single in Holland only in late 1979. It was the group's final release under their contract with Philips/Phonogram just before they joined CNR/Carrere RecordsUnfortunately, it never became a hit. However, "Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions" had a Top 10 hit with their version of the song in Ireland in 1979.

Click here to listen to "Je l'ai dit mille fois" by Patricia Lavila

Source: Bide et Musique, YouTube,

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