mercredi 11 décembre 2013

RADIONL Top 1500: first results

RadioNL has revealed the first results of its list of the "1500 greatest Dutch songs of all time". José Hoebee's friend, Bonnie St. Claire, has scored several hits. Surprise: "De Flierefluiter" (the Dutch cover version of ABBA's The Piper) performed by "Bonnie & José" in 1986 appears on the list.

  • Bonnie St. Claire: Dokter Bernhard (#1497)
  • Bonnie & José: De Flierefluiter (#1232)
  • Bonnie St. Claire: Bonnie Kom Je Buiten Spelen (#1057)
  • Bonnie St. Claire: Zeven Jaar (#994)
  • Benny Neyman & Bonnie St. Claire: Verder Valt 't Wel Mee (#867)
  • Bonnie St. Claire: Pierrot (#843)

To see the list (#1500 to #801), click here

Source: RadioNL

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