mardi 10 décembre 2013

The guest appeareance of Connie & Patty on RTL 4's benefit show is cancelled

Connie & Patty

Bad news: The participation of Connie Breukhoven and Patty Brard in RTL 4's benefit show has been cancelled. The aim of this concert is to raise money for a charity called "Nationaal Ouderenfonds" (the National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE) which promotes quality of life for older persons in the Netherlands). The ladies planned to sing "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" with Patricia Paay, Gerard Joling and Gordon on December 11th (see news posted on November 28th 2013). La Paay covered "Tomorrow" in 1982 and had a hit record with it in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Gordon is furious with Connie and Patty. Yesterday he expressed his anger on RTL Boulevard (Click here to listen to his interview). Miss Brard blames the impossibility to rehearse and has told her version of the story on Show Vandaag: "We were supposed to perform a song from Patricia's repertoire. I wanted to rehearse it but Patricia had no time for it. Connie didn't like the track so we were asked to perform another song we knew very well. Gordon called Connie, which led to an argument. Gordon said he wanted to do his way. After that phone call, Patricia decided not to be part of the show." 

The former Luv' singer has written a message today on her Facebook page in which she explains that Patricia could not rehearse because of "an appointment with her insurer". 

Despite this incident, Patricia, Geer & Goor will be performing.

Source: RTL Boulevard, Show Vandaag, Telegraaf, Weekend, Patty Brard's Facebook Page...

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