mardi 5 novembre 2013

Peter Jan Rens declares war on Patty

Peter Jan Rens and his girlfriend Virginia

Dutch TV presenter, actor and writer Peter Jan Rens is furious with Patty Brard. The SBS 6 diva called his girlfriend "Ma Flodder" (one of the main characters from the cult series "Flodder"). "Patty, if you were drunk last friday on "Shownieuws", that's your problem. But I think you were weak when you called my lover "Ma Flodder"," Peter Jan told "You're a shining example of rubbish journalism and you've changed into an arrogant person who lost control," he added.
Last May, Miss Brard wrote a column about Rens in Weekend magazine because of his lies concerning a villa in Belgium. The former Luv' singer considered him a "pathological liar" and compared him with her ex-boyfriend Eric Peute who caused her bankruptcy twenty years ago (see news posted on May 22nd 2013). 

Source: De Telegraaf, PowNed, Glamorama, SpitsNieuws,

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