mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Miss Brard on "Koffietijd"

Quinty Trustfull, Loretta Schrijver and Patty Brard

Yesterday, Patty Brard was the guest on RTL 4's morning program "Koffietijd" which attracted 174.000 viewers (market share: 27.4%). She discussed several subjects (including her latest activities on SBS 6 and her feud with Peter-Jan Rens). One of the most interesting part of the show was the interview with the diva in front of a mirror. Patty answered all the questions with her usual honesty.
The former Luv' singer has often been invited to "Koffietijd". Last May, she even replaced Quinty Trustfull twice to co-host the program with Loretta Schrijver (see news posted on May 13th 2013). 

Click here to watch "Koffietijd". 

Source: RTL 4, Stichting KijkOnderzoek

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