mercredi 6 novembre 2013

José Hoebee in Story Magazine (scans)

Last week, I told that Story Magazine featured an article about José Hoebee (see news posted on November 1st 2013). Patty Brard also appeared in the same issue. José discussed her friendship with TV personality Viola Holt. After the death of her husband Will last year, Viola was a great comfort to José. She helped the former Luv' singer to find an accommodation when she had to leave her appartment in Lommel, Belgium. The ladies spent holidays together (Disneyland Paris in November 2012 and Greece in July). They first met in the 1980s during the taping of "AVRO's Sterrenslag", a series of competitions where Dutch television stars and singers competed in various sporting events. Moreover, José's duo with Bonnie St. Claire was also mentioned in the article.

Find below scans of Story (courtesy of Jos Theuns): 

Source: Story, José Hoebee's Fan Club

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