dimanche 6 octobre 2013

José is looking for happiness (Weekend magazine)

Check out the latest issue of "Weekend magazine" with an exclusive feature on José Hoebee on Lesbos Island, Greece. The artist told that 2012 was a horrible year due to her husband's death and her financial difficulties. "There have been so many reports on my problems in the media. Now I try to find solutions but it's still difficult", José said. The death of record producer Will Hoebee put the former Luv' singer to a lot of trouble. She told Weekend that Will had a big project with Dutch entertainer André van Duin. It would have saved his life and paid off all his debts. But he became ill and later passed away. 

Because of her misfortune, José had to leave her appartment in Lommel, Belgium in August 2012. Fortunately, Viola Holt found her a small wooden house located near the forest of Muiderberg, NL. But this accommodation was too depressive and sixth months later she moved to Hilversum thanks to her longtime friend Ad

José discussed other subjets (her participation in "Sterren dansen op het ijs" (SBS 6 figure skating show), her opinion on "The Voice of Holland", her duo with Bonnie St. Claire, Luv' and her solo career). 

The songstress also responded to rumours about an affair with "Ad" that she knew for 44 years. She calls him a "little brother". They are just friends. "Many people don't believe it but it's their problem", she asserted. The pop vocalist doesn't believe she will find love again.

Find below scans of Weekend (courtesy of Jos Theuns):

Source: Weekend, Jos Theuns (José Hoebee's Official Fan Club), Martin Vink

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