dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Bonnie & José: pictures of the performance in Aalsmeer

Two weeks ago, Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee performed during the festivities of the Flower Parade in Aalsmeer, NL (see news posted on September 23rd 2013). Two of my contacts, Karin Angeleyes and Jos Theuns (in charge of José's Official Fansite), posted pictures of this show on internet. See below some of their photos. The singers interacted with the public. Bonnie asked Jos to sing one of her hits called "Dokter Bernhard" with her. José chose two members of the audience to take the place of her Luv' colleagues to join her on stage. A man interpreted the role of "Patty" and Karin did "Marga". These new "Luv' singers" lip-synched to "You're the Greatest Lover" and did the famous dance routines ("Shananananananana"). 

Bonnie, Jos & José

Jos & Bonnie singing "Dokter Bernhard"


Bonnie & José

José and her new "Luv" colleagues performing "The Greatest Lover"

Source: Jos Theuns (Official José Hoebee Fansite), Karin Angeleyes Facebook Page

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