jeudi 27 juin 2013

Soon : Patty @ Ranking the Stars

from left to right: Ferry Doedens, Richard Groenendijk, Patty Brard, Xander de Buisonje, Heleen van Royen, Paul de Leeuw, Isa Hoes, Halina Reijn, Tim Hofman, Daniel de Ridder and Georgina Verbaan.

The 10th edition of BNN/Nederland 3's game show "Ranking The Stars" will start on June 30th at 9:25 pm. The program is hosted by Paul de Leeuw and features Patty Brard with other celebrities. In some episodes, the diva competes against her rival Chazia Mourali (who presented the Dutch version of "The Weakest Link" on RTL 4 in the 2000's). The ladies are not on good terms. Five years ago, they had already taken part in an all-female version of "Ranking The Stars" and a so-called "catfight" between them was covered by the media.

Patty wrote her latest column in Weekend magazine about Chazia. The former Luv' singer criticized Mourali's arrogance. To read Pat's column, click here.

Chazia Mourali, Richard Groenendijk and Patty Brard

Source: BNN, Weekend, De Telegraaf, Televizier,

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