lundi 27 mai 2013

SBS and RTL want Patty!!!

Today's edition of Privé-De Telegraaf features an article on Patty Brard. The diva rejoices in her good fortune. SBS 6, RTL 4 and RTL 5 want to work with the TV personality on a regular basis. Patty is indeed in a position of strength. Two years ago, she was in trouble when SBS got rid of her. "After SBS fired me, I did many things. I released a party album with Emile Hartkamp. I gave live performances. I had no time to sleep. I had to pay off the mortgage on my house. I didn't want to be bankrupt twice," she said. Her famous dive on "Sterren Springen" relaunched her career. "I work for everybody. But now at my age I want to belong to one club. If I'm asked, I want to collaborate with one network," she added. And it could be SBS 6 as the channel has plans with Patty for a prime access show. 
"I'm everywhere. I think that what I do with RTL 5 (the "make-under show") is a fantastic format. And I had fun with Loretta on "Koffietijd" on RTL 4. The viewing figures were better when I hosted the program (+100.000 viewers). Apart from that I appear once a week on SBS Shownieuws. It feels like home. The show attracted more than 700.000 viewers," she explained. Miss Brard is positive about her future: "The TV season is almost over. There will be many people whose deals won't be extended. As for me, I've been approached. It's a comfortable situation."

Source: Privé/De Telegraaf,, RTL Boulevard,

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