vendredi 24 mai 2013

Reminder: Luv's fan club meeting tomorrow!!!

Luv's original line-up: Patty, José & Marga (1979)

Tomorrow will be a great day for all the LUVers. A fan club meeting will be held at Musis Sacrem in Eindhoven, NL on May 25th 2013 between 1.00 and 5.00 pm. José Hoebee,  Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch (Patty's replacement in 1980) will be there. The party band "Dutch Show Company" will perform Luv' classic hits and solo tracks of José and Marga. A double DVD with videos of the ladies' legendary TV performances (including Musikladen, TopPop, specials...) compiled by Peter Boonstra (who runs the group's fan club) will be presented. Some videos are taken from the original master tapes.


Luv's line-up in late 1980: Ria, Marga & José

Source: Luv' Official Fan Club

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