dimanche 26 mai 2013

Luv's 1980-1981 lineup (briefly) reunited

Ria, Marga & José receiving Luv's DVD from Peter Boonstra

Yesterday's fan club meeting in Eindhoven saw the reunion of Luv's 1980-1981 lineup. José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch devoted time to their fans for pictures and autographs. They also received a copy of the double DVD conceived by Peter Boonstra. The "Dutch Show Company" sang tracks of Luv' and José. The ladies even gave an impromptu performance of "Megamix '93". Such an event was unexpected, especially nine months after the so-called "definitive" break-up of the original formation. 

This party was unique. Even if I wasn't there, I would like to thank the ladies, Peter Boonstra (for the DVD and his input), Anton & the Dutch Show Company and the fans (Jos, Martin, Arnold, Jennifer, Nancy, Lia, Kenny and all the others that I haven't mentioned).

Photo credits: Luv' & José Fan Clubs, René van Ooijen, Ria Thielsch, Mirjam van den Berg-Koehler, Ben Misterb, Anton van Stekelenborg, Jennifer Bostelaar, Nancy Marsoul (Facebook)....

Luv's DVD (front cover)

Dutch Show Company

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