mercredi 8 mai 2013

Patty's column about La Paay

Patty Brard's latest column in Weekend magazine is about Patricia Paay's biography. Recently, the diva attended the release party of this book (see news posted May 4th 2013) and she defends her showbiz friend against critics. La Paay's bio revealed details about her sex life. Patricia claimed that Pop legend David Bowie, Dutch singer Waylon and media tycoon John de Mol were part of her list of lovers. Waylon denied the facts. Patty doesn't understand why men are allowed to boast about their sexual relationships and when women do so they are criticized. Luv's former singer ends her text with these words: "The book was sold out this afternoon at Schipol" (Amsterdam's airport where my Luv' informer and buddy Martin Vink works!). Indeed Patricia's book has entered the Dutch best seller list and has already sold 10.000 copies.

To read Pat's column, click here

Courtesy of Martin Vink

Moreover, Today's edition of De Telegraaf features an article about Patricia Paay. Patty is mentioned and supports her friend: 

Courtesy of Martin Vink

Source: Weekend, De Telegraaf

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