mercredi 8 mai 2013

Patty is considering the end of her TV career

She is one of the most popular TV personalities in Holland: Patty Brard. Recently she has been busy on SBS 6 and RTL. The public watched her on TV programs such as Echte Meisjes op de Prairie, Lust, Liefde of Laten Lopen, Wie is de Reisleider?, Vliegende Hollanders: Sterren van de Schans and Shownieuws. Tomorrow she will start to present RTL 4's morning show "Koffietijd". "I will only host it twice but I hope that I will do it more often in the future. I'm fond of Quinty Trustfull and Loretta Schrijver who present it," she told the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (AD). "Everything must come to an end, even Patty Brard," she explained. "One day it will stop. Maybe in five of six years. Then I will put my feet in the sand."

Scan of today's edition of AD (courtesy of Martin Vink)

Source: AD,, De Telegraaf, NL Tracks, RTL Nieuws, Televizier....

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