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Patty Brard: latest news (LLOLL, Shownieuws, Weekend, Eurovision, Yolanthe Cabau)

* The third episode of RTL 5's make-under show "Lust, Liefde Of Laten Lopen" (hosted by Patty Brard) attracted 363.000 viewers (overall market share: 4.7%) on May 20th. 

Source: Kijk Onderzoek/RTL 5

* The late edition of "Shownieuws" (SBS 6 entertainment news program) featured La Brard as a showbiz expert on May 17th and drew 781.000 viewers (overall market share: 17.1%). The next day, the former Luv' singer expressed satisfaction by posting this tweet in Dutch: "And then we had yesterday evening almost 800.000 viewers with #Shownieuws Late...step by step by step!"

Source: Kijk Onderzoek, SBS 6, Patty Brard's Twitter account

* Patty's column published in Weekend magazine on May 15th dealt with TV host and stand-up comedian Jandino Asporaat. The diva admires the young entertainer who has recently recorded a track ("Mijn Liefde") with Gerard Joling. This duet is currently #8 on the Dutch Single Top 100. 

Today's column in Weekend is about Peter Jan Rens (who is in trouble because of lies about a villa in Belgium). Patty calls him a "pathological liar" and compares him with her ex-boyfriend Eric Peute who caused her bankruptcy twenty years ago. 

Column about Jandino: click here to read it
Column about Peter Jan Rens: click here to read it

Source: Weekend

* A few weeks ago, Patty was disappointed in Reinout Oerlemans (CEO of Eyeworks) (see news posted on May 4th 2013). But the situation has changed and the two TV personalities are on good terms again. Miss Brard told Shownieuws: "We've worked it out. He's taking care of me".

Source: Shownieuws

* As a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, the diva made comments on Twitter and Facebook about the candidates of the European music competition. Emmelie de Forest, who represented Denmark, won the contest with her song "Only Teardrops". As for Anouk, she reached the 9th position with her track "Birds" (the best result for the Netherlands since 1999). Patty was enthusiastic on FB: "Well done girl! You put Holland back on the credible list and put yourself on the international market! #winwinsituationproudofyou"

* Yesterday, Patty attended the launch party of Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau's jewellery line "YC Jewels" at Club Lounge Reina Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. Many Dutch celebrities (Football player and Yolanthe's huband Wesley SneijderAli B, Glennis Grace...) were present. What a glamorous party! Click here to watch a RTL Boulevard video. 

Source: RTL Boulevard,

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