vendredi 5 avril 2013

Patty on Gordon's "Hotter Than My Daughter"

In her latest column in Weekend magazine, Patty Brard expressed her admiration for RTL 4's reality show "Hotter Than My Daughter" (hosted by Pop singer/TV host Gordon). This Endemol program focuses on mother/daughter relationships in which the mothers claim to be hotter than their daughters. Each episode averages 1.5 million viewers. Gordon visits the home of a family, where the daughter is embarrassed by the way her mother dresses and acts and the mother thinks her daughter should dress more her age. Patty wrote: "You can say whatever you want about Gordon but what he does is funny!" The diva compared "Hotter Than My Daughter" with her current TV project called "Lust, Liefde Of Laten Lopen" (the Dutch version of "Snog Marry Avoid?which will air from May 6th on RTL 5). The two formats seem to be similar but in Gordon's program, the daughters want to change their moms looks whereas in Pat's show, the mothers want to give their daughters a make-under. 

To read Patty's column, click here

Source: Weekend

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