vendredi 12 avril 2013

Patty has no comment on her relationship with her daughter

Patty Brard keeps a strict silence on her difficult relationship with her daughter Priscilla. Ten years ago, the diva and Priscilla starred in the high-rated reality show "Patty's Posse". Soon after the taping of the TV program, the two women argued and were not on speaking terms. In a recent interview for Party magazine, when asked if as a mother of a self-confident daughter she had any experience of dealing with hysterical characters like the candidates of her show "Echte Meisjes", La Brard replied: "if this is a attempt to talk about my daughter then we can stop this conversation."

However, she accepted to speak about her famous cousin Stanley Brard (a retired soccer player). "He is currently head scout at Feyenoord Rotterdam and had an offer from FC Chabala in Azerbaijan. He could make a good living there," she said. 

Source: Party,

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