mardi 2 avril 2013

Luv's biography chapters updated

Luv's pillow fight in a French hotel room (1979)

I've just added press clippings and YouTube videos to chapters of Luv's biography to make it exhaustive. To read it, find the "biography" section on my blog and enjoy!

Additions to Chapter II - 1978: Breakthrough

YouTube videos: 
  • You're the Greatest Lover on TopPop, 
  • You're the Greatest Lover on Top Club (France), 
  • You're the Greatest Lover on Des Magiciens (France)

Press clippings: 
  • Limburgs Dagblad (April '78): Success of U.O.Me
  • De Telegraaf (June '78): Luv' wins the lawsuit against their first manager Han Meijer and is allowed to keep its name
  • Autumn of '78: Luv's success in Germany
  • Three articles from November '78 about the gold records for "Greatest Lover" and "With Luv" as well as the release party of "Trojan Horse".
  • De Telegraaf/Privé: Luv' is famous abroad and wants to conquer USA

Additions to Chapter III - 1979: Heyday

YouTube videos:

  • Casanova on TopPop
  • Casanova on Jahr Musikmarkt (Germany)

Press clippings:
  • January '79: Luv's glory in Germany
  • April '79: Competition between Luv' and Babe
  • May '79: Luv' receives Gold and platinum records at the release party of "Lots of Luv" 
  • August '79: Luv' meets a German fan
  • De Telegraaf (October '79): Luv' signs a record deal with CNR/Carrere
  • De Woonkrant (October '79): How the Luv' girls decorate their homes
  • Cover of Panorama Magazine (December '79)

Additions to Chapter IV- 1980: Transition

YouTube video:
  • One More Little Kissy from Luv' Special

Press clippings:
  • March '80: TV Special on NCRV
  • De Telegraaf/Privé (May '80): Patty and Ron Brandsteder break up/Marga leaves Peter
  • De Telegraaf/Privé (May '80): Marga and John de Mol are romantically involved 
  • De Telegraaf/De Courant Nieuws van de Dag (June '80): Hans van Hemert (Luv's producer) and Peter Koelewijn (Babe's producer)
  • De Telegraaf (August '80): Patty leaves Luv'
  • September '80: Luv' keeps on singing after Patty's departure. Ria is the new group's member.
  • October '80: Luv' will stop their live performances next year.
  • De Telegraaf/Privé (December '80): Marga faints during the taping of "Popcorn" (TV show)
  • December '80: Patty tells Luv's secrets and introduces her new lover, Carlo Nasi

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