vendredi 8 mars 2013

Patty "rather in the tabloid press than on the public TV network"

Patty Brard is a lucky TV personality. She is not only on SBS 6 (Sterren Springen op Zaterdag, Vliegende Hollanders, Shownieuws) but also works for RTL 5 (Wie is de Reisleider?, Echte Meisjes op de Prairie, Snog Marry Avoid?). It is a hectic TV season for the diva. In a recent interview published by NRC Handelsbald, she said that she "would rather appear in the tabloid press than on the public TV network". "I'm a dirty thing according to the "publieke omroep" and accused of "selling out", she explained. "I prefer to be impersonated by RTL 4's TV Kantine than by AVRO's Koefnoen. Carlo and Irene are puppets, so absurd and funny. Koefnoen is villainous and makes me angry," she added.

Source: NRC Handelsbald,

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