vendredi 8 mars 2013

Char's probable comeback on Dutch TV via Patty

Char Margolis

A couple of days ago, Patty Brard posted a nice picture of herself with José Hoebee, Char Margolis and her friend Mirjam. I wondered why she did so. Now I know the answer. The world famous medium Char Margolis might be back on RTL 4 with a new program because of Patty. The Dutch viewers know the American psychic very well thanks to her TV show simply entitled "Char" which aired from 2002 to 2010. She later disappeared from Dutch television and RTL wants the right format for her comeback. Recently Patty taped a pilot. She told "Shownieuws": "I was allowed to bring two persons who wanted to have one of her readings. I chose José Hoebee because she didn't have the chance to say goodbye to her husband when he died. She felt guilty. And my friend Mirjam who suffers from cancer, she wanted to know how it would end." 

Marga & Patty on "Char" (filmed in late 2008)

It's not the first time that the ex-Luv' singers deal with paranormal issues. In late 2008, Patty accompanied Marga Scheide when she had a very emotional reading performed by CharMoreover, in 2009 José and Marga were guests on a RTL 4 high-rated paranormal program "Het Zesde Zintuig" which was about the mysterious death of their record executive Bart van de LaarIn addition to her participation in the popular "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" series, Miss Brard appeared three years ago in a SBS 6 late night special "Patty, het medium" in which she developed her clairvoyant skills . 

Source: Shownieuws,

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