jeudi 28 février 2013

Patty's criticism of Mari van de Ven

Patty Brard criticized Holland's most famous make-up artist Mari van de Ven  in her latest column published in Weekend magazine. She did not appreciate the way he earned money as a candidate of "Vliegende Hollanders" (Flying Dutchmen). Van de Ven withdrew from SBS 6 ski jumping competition just before its broadcast. Patty wrote: "Mari did not really train. Rumour has it that he asked for payment in advance whether he would jump or not. Apparently he knew from the start he would not compete and thought: "I'm going to take my money!". Miss Brard wondered why he came to Hinterzarten, Germany where the TV program was taped.

Source: Weekend, Patty Brard Official Fanpage (Facebook)

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