lundi 14 janvier 2013

Patty Brard & Fred van Leer on "Life 4 You"

Patty Brard & Fred van Leer

Yesterday, Patty Brard and Wardrobe stylist Fred van Leer were guests on "Life 4 You". The RTL 4 high-rated talk show (hosted by Irene Moors and Carlo Boszhard) pulled in an average of 1.241.000 viewers (market share: 22.6%). The diva and her new colleague promoted their new TV program "Wie is de reisleider?" (see news posted on January 6th 2013). Miss Brard also discussed her recent column on Sylvie van der Vaart published in Weekend Magazine. The former Luv' singer did not understand the nonchalant behaviour of Sylvie who separated from her her husband, Football star Rafael van der Vaart after she became the victim of domestic abuse. Moreover, Patty said that she was approached by SBS 6 for a celebrity ski jumping competition but she refused it (see news posted on January 9th 2013). Finally, the busy entertainer talked about her other TV project: RTL 5 forthcoming reality show called "Echte Meisjes op de Prairie" (see news posted on December 6th 2012). 

To watch "Life 4 You", click here

Source: RTL 4, Kijk Onderzoek

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