jeudi 20 décembre 2012

Patty in Veronica Magazine

Patty Brard and other Dutch celebrities (including Rapper Ali B, TV personality Britt Dekker and world famous magician Hans Klok) grace the cover of the Christmas issue of Veronica Magazine

La Brard discussed her TV career. 2012 was a great year for the diva. Her splash on a famous celebrity diving competition was a highly covered media event and gave her a boost. Indeed, the viewers will soon watch her on two RTL 5 programs: "Echte Meisjes op de Prairie" and  "Wie Is de Reisleider?". 

Deep in her heart, Patty would like to go back to SBS 6 where she hosted Shownieuws and appeared on high-rated shows such as "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" and "K2 Zoekt K3". "I'm made for this network. People just want conviviality," the diva said. Her removal from SBS in May 2011 is still a touchy issue and hurts. 

Patty's Holidays greetings to the readers of Veronica Magazine

The larger than life entertainer, who is still busy on television with short term projects, is longing for stability. She told: "when you're younger, you don't care about insecurity. But then you get older and you always got the feeling that it's going to be the last show. Without "Sterren Springen" I would not have been recruited by RTL 5. Now you have to be happy when you work."

Source: Veronica Magazine,

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