mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Smiling José on "Tijd voor MAX"

José Hoebee gave yesterday an interview on "Tijd voor MAX", a live TV program on Omroep MAX/Nederland 2. She discused the usual issues (Luv', her solo career, the death of her husband...). Piet Souer took her by surprise when he talked to her on the phone.

Piet Souer called José

The singer explained that she wanted to leave Muiderberg where she lives in a modest wooden house (see news posted on November 4th 2012). Her current accommodation is too distant from direct neighbours and thus too depressing for a woman who is suffering burn-out. Fortunately, Rob Huart, a real estate agent, offered his services to solve her problem. The songstress might find a new home in Het Gooi.

Because José explained that "Folk music" (represented by Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan) was part of her roots, a folk artist called "Johan Boger" and his band paid tribute to her by performing an unplugged song entitled "Wild Geese Calling". 

Johan Berger and his band playing a song for José

Click here to watch Tijd voor MAX

Source: MAX/Nederland 2

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