mardi 20 novembre 2012

Patty & Friends raised 65.225 € for Reinout

Patty Brard hosted the "Stars & Stripes Fundraising"  at restaurant Savarin in Rijswijk, NL on November 17th (see news posted on November 13th). The aim of this charity gala was to collect money for 7-year-old Reinout (who suffers from a rare form of cancer) and to send him to a special hospital in Philadelphia, USA. Dutch celebrities (including Pauline Wingelaar, Thomas Berge and Kimberley Klaver) auctioned goods and Holland's 1989 Eurovision contestant Justine Pelmelay gave a performance. Patty and her friends managed to raised 65.225 €!!!

Source: Shownieuws, Stichting Ridder Reinout,,

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