mardi 16 octobre 2012

Piet Souer's recent productions

Piet Souer & Luv' at Will Hoebee's birthday party in 2007 in Best, NL

Every Luv' admirer knows Piet Souer. This very talented guitar player is also a fabulous songwriter, conductor, arranger and producer. His music career is marked by eclecticism. In the 1970's he teamed up with Hans van Hemert to create the fresh and pop "Luv' sound". The duo was credited as "Janschen & Janschens" on Luv's record sleeves. The list of the artists he worked with is impressive: Mouth & MacNeal, Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy, Conquistador, Vanessa, Anita Meyer, Doris D. & The Pins...I had the privilege to interview him in 2009 for my former Luv' site.

In March 2011, Peggy March & José Hoebee recorded a new version of "I Will Follow Him" in his recording studio "SouerStudio2". A remixed version of the pop classic "Why Tell Me Why" performed by Guilliano Vs. Anita Meyer was a Top 10 hit in Holland last year.

Guilliano Vs Anita Meyer Why Tell Me Why (2011)

The Maestro doesn't hold on to the past and is still busy. April 2012 saw the release of the Dance-pop single "Pull Me, Push Me" performed by Kochenka and produced by Piet and Hans Weekhout. Then, one of his productions, the song "Als de zon weer schijnt" by Tamara Tol came out and was specifically intended for the Dutch speaking public. It peaked at #11 on the RadioNL Top 30.

Kochenka: Pull Me, Push Me (2012)

Tamara - Als de zon weer schijnt (2012)

Recently I discovered the existence of a gifted Jazz vocalist "Kizzy McHugh" whose debut single "This bed ain't big enough" will be available on iTunes on October 18th. Piet took part in the production of the record. 

Robert Jansen, Piet Souer & Kizzy McHugh

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