dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Patty not allowed to make negative comments on Moszkowicz

In an interview published yesterday by the newspaper 'De Volkskrant', Patty Brard told that she was not authorized to make negative comments on Dutch lawyer Bram Moszkowicz. In 2004, the ex-Luv' singer and TV presenter separated from pop/rock musician René Muthert. She had to pay a €5.000 alimony monthly. Then Moszkowicz offered his services to Miss Brard"In the beginning, Moszkowicz was present during the discussions between the two parties but rapidly an unexperienced associate replaced him," Patty said. The diva eventually paid a €8.000 alimony. Soon after, she received a letter from her lawyer. She added: "If I say something negative about our collaboration, I will be punished. But I didn't, I just tell what happened", 

Source: De Volkskrant

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