mardi 25 septembre 2012

Marga Scheide ambassador for Podencoworld

It's hard to find news about Marga Scheide on internet and particularly on Google News. The former Luv' vocalist is virtually non-existent on social networks. The beautiful blonde singer has retired from show business after the group's break-up. Sometimes she gives interviews to celebrity gossip magazines (see news posted on August 30th) or posed for photo shoots. Recently she told that she would develop an exchange program with artists from Ibiza. Thanks to a message posted today on her fansite (hosted on, I've found out that since April, Marga has been an ambassador for Podencoworld (a foundation which protects and promotes Podencos, agile dogs of the hound family). Dutch singer Imca Marina has joined the same cause.

Imca Marina & Marga Scheide

Source: Marga Scheide Club,

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