jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Hans van Hemert's latest releases

Nikolai Geworg Khatchatouryan, Elena, Hans van Hemert proudly present "Choc Au Lit"

Hans van Hemert is the lucky record producer who created Luv' in 1976. He co-wrote with Piet Souer all the hits performed by "Holland's most successful girl group". Today, the maestro is in charge of "Hans van Hemert Productions B.V", a music production company located in Laren, NL. In addition to the exploitation of an impressive back catalogue (Luv', Mouth & MacNeal, Sandra & Andres, American Gypsy, Guys & Doll, Vulcano, André Hazes....), Van Hemert's studio also releases jingles, TV tunes, children's music and music downloads. Recently, Hans has produced two songs: Call me baby, an electro-rock track and Choc Au Lit by Elena, an electro-house single. These compositions are available on, a music online store. 

Source: Hans van Hemert's Facebook Page / Twitter

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