mercredi 29 août 2012

"Sterren Springen" wins the ratings war

Patty Brard & Gerard Joling

"Sterren springen on zaterdag" (featuring Patty Brard on SBS 6) won the ratings war against "Strickly come dancing" (AVRO/Nederland 1) and "Beat the best" (RTL 4) on August 25th. SBS 6 celebrity diving competition drew 1.397.000 viewers (market share: 23.6%). AVRO's program attracted 1.080.000 viewers (market share: 18.9%). 944.000 people (market share: 15,9%) watched RTL 4 show. One of the highlights of "Sterren Springen" was Patty's performance. Though she failed to dive correctly and she injured her lips, Luv's former singer was selected for the next round. Jody Bernal, Kleine Viezerik, Pauline Wingelaar and Justine Pelmelay were eliminated.

Click here to watch "Sterren springen op zaterdag"

On August 26th, the diva gave two phone interviews to discuss her achievement: one for "Eva Jinek op Zondag" on WNL/Nederland 1 (click here to watch it) and another one for "Life 4 You" on RTL 4 (click here to watch it).

Source: Kijk Onderzoek, De Telegraaf, SBS 6, BN DeStem, RTL 4....

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