mercredi 29 août 2012

José: Life after Will and Luv'

On August 26th, José Hoebee was interviewed by Carlo Boszhard and Irene Moors on "Life4You" on RTL 4. The former lead singer of Luv' discussed several subjects: the group's break-up, her life after the death of her husband Will, her financial problems, her friends who helped her (Viola Holt and Harry van Hoof) and her future. José told that she wanted to go solo again after her recovery. Click here to watch her interview

Moreover, the latest issue of "Vriendin" magazine features an article on her (Thanks Martin Vink for the tip!). The artist explained that though she felt embarrassed about the help of her famous friends (see news posted on August 5th), she swallowed her proud.

Below: scans of "Vriendin" (courtesy of Jos Theuns, José Hoebee Official Fan Club)

Source: José Hoebee Official Fansite (forum), RTL 4,, Vriendin

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