jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Patty back on TV?

Last year, Patty Brard's deal with Dutch TV channel SBS 6 wasn't extended. The Luv' lady stopped hosting the entertainment news program "Shownieuws". She later appeared on a reality show "Diva's draaien door" (with Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic) in September and October 2011 on RTL 4. It was her last TV project. Then she has been invited on different kinds of shows (talk, game, comedy, celebrity gossip, music) but she hasn't been able to announce her real comeback on television yet. Yesterday, Dutch newspaper AD published an interview with La Brard in which she explained that she would be in touch with RTL 4 and SBS 6 to talk about future plans. Patty might prepare a program with Patricia Paay. She said that she was happy with all the offers she had from producers. 

Source: AD,, NL Tracks,,

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