samedi 5 mai 2012

Patty Vs Tatjana

A catfight between Patty Brard and Tatjana Simic has occured this week through the media. The ladies have been part of "De Diva's" with Patricia Paay and appeared on a RTL 4 reality show last autumn. Tatjana leaves her colleagues as she is working on a solo TV program. Patty is very disappointed in her and is considering legal action against Simic as  she thinks that her public image has been been damaged. However, La Brard and La Paay go on even if their projects haven't been confirmed yet (a new CD, a second season of "Diva's draaien door", a big live show, gigs...).

To watch a Shownieuws video, click here
To watch a RTL Boulevard video, click here

Source: De Telegraaf, RTL Boulevard, Shownieuws,,, Novum,

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