mardi 1 mai 2012

Patty brings Luv's era to a close

Yesterday, Patty Brard sold clothes including her Luv' wardrobe during a garage sale in Amsterday on Koninginnedag (Holland's national holiday). Fellow diva Patricia Paay showed up. 50% of the profits will be donated to charity. The all-around entertainer considered it as a good way to bring the Luv' era to a close. This special sale was a highly covered event. The celebrity gossip media were there and "Patty Brard" is a trending topic on Twitter again.

Watch Videos:
  • Shownieuws: click here
  • RTL Boulevard: click here
  • Novum Nieuws: click here
  • Telegraaf/Privé: click here

Source: Patty Brard Facebook & Twitter, Patty's Official Fan Page (Facebook), Shownieuws, RTL Boulevard, Novum Nieuws, Telegraaf/Privé....

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