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Early June 1978: Luv' remains Luv'!!!

The Spring of 1978 saw Luv's breakthrough in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) due to the huge success of their "U.O.Me" single (see article posted on February 12th, 2018). The record peaked at #3 on the Dutch Top 40 and #2 on the BRT Top 30 in Belgium. It sold 150.000 copies

The ladies were ready to reach a higher level. They wanted to have success outside of the Low Countries, in other European territories. But a strange behind-the-scenes story occurred. The Luv' girls were not satisfied by the way their manager Han Meijer guided their career. They chose Pim ter Linde as their new manager. Ter Linde was an experienced professional who ran Interlinde Artists Management, the legendary “House of Dutch Stars” (including Bonnie St. Claire, Don Mercedes, Saskia & Serge, Ron Brandsteder and Lee Towers).

Han Meijer filed a lawsuit against the three singers. He considered the name of the formation as his ownership and took the girls to court about the use of it. On May 25th, 1978, Luv' appeared in a courthouse in Utrecht. This lawsuit could have jeopardized the existence of the group. For several days, the career of the successful trio was in danger.

The Dutch press covered Luv's misadventure. 

De Telegraaf - May 25th, 1978

De Telegraaf - May 26th, 1978

Het Vrije Volk - May 26th, 1978

Leeuwarder Courant - May 26th, 1978

Limburgs Dagblad - May 26th, 1978

NRC Handelsblad - May 26th, 1978

De Telegraaf - May 29th, 1978

Fortunately, on June 1st, 1978, the pop princesses won the legal action and were officially allowed to keep Luv's name.  The next day the newspaper reported this good news. When this positive judgement was given, the girls were working on their debut album that came out a couple of months later. They were ready to focus on their main goal: to find fame and fortune abroad. That's what happened with "You're the Greatest Lover", the follow-up single to U.O.Me. But that's another story...

De Telegraaf - June 2nd, 1978

De Waarheid - June 2nd, 1978

Het Vrije Volk - June 2nd, 1978

Leeuwarder Courant - June 3rd, 1978

Limburgs Dagblad - June 6th, 1978

Source: De Krant van Toen,

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