lundi 28 mai 2018

Patty three months after her gastric bypass (column in Weekend + episodes 9 and 10 of the vlog)

Via her column in Weekend magazine, her vlog on and social media, Patty Brard has kept her fans posted about her ups and downs after the gastric bypass she underwent in late February in Aalst, Belgium. In her latest column, she announced that after three months her vlog was about to stop. She admitted that her fight against pounds was hard and told that she practically lost 20 kilos. Click here to read the column. 

Episode 9 of Patty Brard Brard: nog een keer slank (

Click here to watch episode 10 of the vlog. This is the last one of this series. Patty might come back later with another vlog for The diva explained that during the taping for the panel game "Ranking the Stars", she got compliments from fellow celebrities (Jan Versteegh, Karin Bloemen, Richard Groenendijk, Imanuelle Grives...). 

Source: Weekend,, Patty Brard on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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