mercredi 2 mai 2018

Patty Brard, Patricia Paay and Christina Curry on "BN'ers in therapie"

Earlier today, Dutch news website confirmed that several celebrities (including Patricia Paay and her daughter Christina Curry as well as Patty Brard) would appear on RTL 5's new program "BN'ers in therapie". Six episodes will be broadcast, starting from May 17th. The viewers will be able to see therapy sessions with celebrities conducted by psychiatric Esther van Fenema.

Patty's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with "BN'ers in therapie". Click here to read it. Recently, the diva took part in a press presentation of the new TV program. She told that she had been asked the same question several times: "why do you participate in this program?". Patty explained that there was still a taboo (especially among young people) about sessions with a psychotherapist or a coach. The former Luv' singer thought that talking to a professional could be liberating.

Source:, RTL 5, Weekend

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