jeudi 17 mai 2018

Patty Brard discusses "BN'ers in Therapie" and her problems with her daughter on "Pauw"

Yesterday, Patty Brard appeared on BNNVARA/NPO 1's late-night talk show "Pauw" (hosted by Jeroen Pauw). The program drew 717.000 viewers (market share: 27.5%)

The former Luv' singer discussed her participation in RTL 5's reality show "BN'ers in Therapie". Therapy sessions with celebrities (including La Brard) were conducted by psychiatric Esther van Fenema. The first episode airs today at 8.30 pm and features Dutch singer Patricia Paay.

During her interview with Jeroen Pauw, Patty told that she had not seen her daughter Priscilla for eight years. "Is it because you don't want to see her or because she doesn't want to see you?" Pauw asked Patty. The diva answered: "No, there is a kind of anger because she thinks that I'm always busy working and I don't have enough time for her. It's probably true but due to my bankruptcy I couldn't stop and I had to survive. It's hard to always be strong because some people don't understand it". 

Pauw added: "OK, but when you see and know that you're losing your daughter because of your hard work, I would say to myself: "I have to solve the problem", right?". Patty was irritated and replied: "That's what I've already done but I don't have to tell you". 

Jeroen asserted that Patty was not in a hurry to make things better. "Well, these are your conclusions. That's what this therapy is all about. Some things can be told and others can't be discussed and I don't want to tell you how far I've been to contact my daughter," Patty told Jeroen coldly. 

Priscilla and Patty in happier times

Moreover, the ex-Shownieuws expert also mentioned Marc Udink, the liquidator who took care of her finances after her bankruptcy in late 1993. "This liquidator is responsible for a lot of troubles in my family," she said. Mr Udink reacted to Patty's criticism by email to Dutch magazine Quote. "I think it's good television and I realize that Miss Brard has been through a lot of traumas due to her bankruptcy that occurred almost 25 years ago. It was also a hard moment for her family. But now she's OK and the Patty Brard that I see now is less confused and self-destructive than 25 years ago," he wrote. 

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