jeudi 19 avril 2018

Patty's column about Dotan

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Dutch singer Dotan.

Earlier this month, after a long time of research, Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant revealed that Dotan had enlisted the aid of at least 140 troll accounts in order to boost his online reputation and following. Among the acts thought up by the singer and his partially fake following were a story about a meeting between a terminal ill child (diagnosed with Leukemia) and Dotan, which did not occur, as well as a much-publicized chance encounter with a woman who did not recognize the artist on an aeroplane. The latter also proved to be false. The singer has admitted to the existence of these accounts and apologised. He said that he used the troll accounts because of his insecurity and ambition and ended his presence on social media as a result of the controversy.

La Brard has known Dotan since his childhood as well as his mother, painter Patty Harpenau. The ex-Luv' singer always thought that Harpenau was strange. 

"When I found out that her real first name was not Patty but Antoinette and when she often said to me "Oh, what a coincidence, we both are Aries", I felt very uncomfortable," Patty wrote about the eccentric artist. 

The former Shownieuws expert distanced herself from Harpenau. "Then I heard many strange stories about Patty," she added. 

Miss Brard is sure that Dotan's bad behaviour is due to the fact he is the victim of the lies within his family. Like Mother, Like Son...

Source: Weekend

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