samedi 3 mars 2018

When Carina met Hans...

In the early 1990s, Carina Lemoine was a Luv' girl. At the time, her colleagues were Marga Scheide (the only original member) and Diana van Berlo (see Chapter VII of the trio's biography).

After her Luv' years, Carina has remained active in the music business. She has released music and has toured the Dutch festivals and clubs circuit. 

On February 24th, the former Luv' singer met Hans van Hemert (who conceived the group) at a talent show "Meet the Pro's" in Hilversum, NL. She was honoured to sing an excerpt from "You're the Greatest Lover" to him. In a message posted the next day on Facebook, she wrote that "she was proud that she had been part of a very famous girl group in the 1990s". Her text was illustrated with a photo of Hans and her:

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Source: Facebook

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