mercredi 3 janvier 2018

Patty Brard's latest news

* Here are the latest columns of Patty Brard for Weekend magazine:

  • December 27th: Carnival 2018: Click here to read it
In recent years, the former Luv' singer has released songs for the Carnival festivities in the Netherlands ("Ik Wil Knallen" (with Ome Henk in 2006), "Het Leven Is Een Feest" (2010), "Carnavals Party Hitmix" (with Alex in 2012) and "Wat Zijn Ze Lekker" (with Roy Donder in 2017). The diva enjoys being part of the Dutch Carnival circuit.

In her text, she also mentions her ex-Luv' colleagues: "We often toured this circuit and I've never been ashamed of it. Indeed it felt like home. I remember that José didn't want to perform for Carnival and Marga and I tried to convince her to do it. She also refused to party in her hometown Best in Brabant!...Now I record my Carnival hits with Roy Donders in a studio in Best". 

Her new Carnival duet with Roy entitled "We zullen de laatsten zijn" is about to come out very soon. Before Christmas, Pat & Roy took part in the filming of a music video for this track.

Tomorrow the duo is supposed to participate in the taping of a music TV show "Hart voor muziek" ("Polonaise") with other artists at Het Witte Huis in Zeeland, NL. But earlier today the media announced the death of Roy's grandfather (soon after the passing of his grandmother). This performance might be cancelled due to this sad news. La Brard offered her condolences to Roy via Twitter and Instagram

  • January 3rd: The Hazes family - click here to read it. 
Patty wrote about the recent reconciliation of André Hazes and his mother Rachel

Source: Weekend

* According to Dutch website bekendeburen.nlPatty has put her house in Amstelveen up for sale again. This time she has lowered the selling price (€ 1.950.000). The initial price was €2.145.000. 


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