samedi 16 décembre 2017

Patty and José's reaction to "Gordon Gaat Trouwen"

Dutch pop singer Gordon has recently caused a sensation with his reality show on RTL 4 entitled "Gordon Gaat Trouwen... Maar Met Wie?" (Gordon is going to marry....but with whom?). During eight episodes, several preselected candidates were presented to the extravagant entertainer. One of them was supposed to marry him. The two finalists were Rogier and an Italian man named Manuel

At the end, Gordon chose no-one and remained single. The last episode (broadcast two days ago) drew 2.154.000 viewers (market share: 32,3%) despite strong criticism. It was the most-watched TV show in the Netherlands on December 14th and reached Nr. 1 on SKO's Dag Top 25 (the daily list of the 25 most popular programs conceived by Dutch audience measurement company Stichting KijkOnderzoek).

Patty Brard and José Hoebee reacted separately to this sensationalist TV program before Gordon's choice was announced.

"I don't follow "Gordon gaat trouwen" but because of the fanfare of publicity about this show, I'm going to watch it a bit...He's doing well as a program maker. I don't know who the two remaining candidates are but I don't care...Do I have to take it seriously? We'll see...I wish Gordon all the best...really...but a wedding is a serious matter...Well...maybe I'm old-fashioned...Good luck Gordon...I really mean it," José wrote on her Facebook page. 

As for Patty, she expressed her opinion on on December 14th:

"These two candidates are not a good choice. Gordon is too sensible to choose between the two of them...Look, this Italian man is nice for an evening, for one time in the jacuzzi. By the way, they've already been to the jacuzzi. As for the other guy (Rogier) don't take risks with him. He's too soft, kind and a too normal boy with a child. Too sensitive. Gordon will never choose him. I know him very well. Actually, Gerben (who didn't go through to the final) was the perfect chance for a normal life but Gordon is not ready for that."

Source: RTL 4, SKO, Facebook,

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