mercredi 1 novembre 2017

José & Marga's appearance on "Onschuldig?!"

Peter van der Vorst

Yesterday, the latest episode of Peter van der Vorst's program "Onschuldig?!" on RTL 4 featured Marga Scheide and José Hoebee who discussed the Bart van der Laar's case. The TV show drew 581.000 viewers (market share: 10.5%)In late 1979, Luv' signed a lucrative deal with record executive Van der Laar (who was murdered in November 1981). This death remains a mystery even though a suspect Martien Hunnik was arrested and spent several years in jail. In June 2016, Hunnik was acquitted and eventually received damages and apologies from the State.

Marga and José on Onschuldig?!

Source: RTL 4, SKO

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