mercredi 19 juillet 2017

Tensions between Patty Brard and Isa Hoes on "Ranking the Stars"

On June 16th, BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw and featuring Patty Brard as a panellist) drew 538.000 viewers (market share: 9.5%). There were tensions between the Shownieuws diva and Dutch actress Isa Hoes due to her interview with the toy boy of Isa's brother, Onno Hoes (former Mayor of Maastricht) (see news posted on December 16th, 2013). 

When Patty explained that sometimes it was hard to talk about private issues of celebrities, Isa immediately said: "I didn't want to say it but I thought: you did it in a rude way". Patty justified herself: "When my employer sends me somewhere for an interview, I need to know everything".

Dutch entertainer Karin Bloemen joined the conversation and asked Patty: "Don't you think it's nasty to do it?". Patty avoided answering this question and asserted: "We never spoke about Patries" (referring to Patricia Paay's sex tape scandal earlier this year - see news posted on February 15th, 2017). 

Source: BNN/NPO 3, LINDAnieuws, SKO....

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