mercredi 19 juillet 2017

Mandy's vriendenboekje: interview with Patty Brard on Q-Music

Recently, Patty Brard answered the questions of Q-music DJ Mandy Woelkens for her vriendenboekje (the Dutch equivalent of the "confession album").  

Click here to watch the video.

Here's a translation in English of the interview:

Mandy: Favourite animal? 
Patty: My dogs.

Mandy: Your all-time guilty pleasure?
Patty: Stylist van het Zuiden (Roy Donders' reality show), ABBA, sauerkraut.

Mandy: Favourite color? 
Patty: Black because it makes you look slimmer and white because it's sunny.

Mandy: What do you prefer: Playboy magazine or Weekend?
Patty: Playboy pays better but you have to look very good....well I prefer Weekend

Mandy: The last time you cried?
Patty: Oh honey, the test card makes me cry.

Mandy: What are you afraid of?
Patty: Nothing or nobody scares me.

Mandy: What wakes you up at night?
Patty: Food.

Mandy: Thong or Hipster?
Patty: A thong would disappear in my ass and a hipster is OK (laughs).

Mandy: Do you prefer a reality show or anonymity?
Patty: Being anonymous. It's great to be supported by lots of people and it's super to live anonymously on a mountain in Ibiza. 

Mandy: What are the 10 first words you're thinking of in a random order?
Patty: The, Qube, Music, Ponkers, Donkers, Roy, Patty, Antoine, And Dogs. 

Source: Q-music

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