dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Hans van Hemert in better shape after his accident

Earlier this month, we announced a terrible news: Luv's father and legendary record producer Hans van Hemert fell from a tree as he was cutting a branch in the garden of his house in Marthomis, France. He injured his back and was ferried to hospital in Montpellier by helicopter (see news posted on July 5th, 2017). Thank God Hans survived. He is obliged to wear a corset and needs time to recover.

On July 7th, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf mentioned Hans' accident in an article published in its "Privé" section.

After this incident, several pictures showing the Maestro in a better shape with friends and family (including his partner Willy) have been posted recently on Facebook.

Source: Facebook, De Telegraaf/Privé

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