mardi 27 juin 2017

Patty Brard @ opening party of Xaxa Restaurant

On June 23rd, Patty Brard attended the opening party of Xaxa Restaurant, the lounge club of Dutch footballer Wesley Sneijder and his wife Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau in Ibiza. The diva was charmed by Xess Xava (son of the successful couple) and even posted a picture on social media telling that he was the "most beautiful adoptive grandchild you can ever dream of": 

Xess Xava, Yolanthe & Patty

Patty, Yolanthe & Koos van Plateringen

Other Dutch celebrities were present: Bridget Maasland, Koos van de Plateringen, Sonja Bakker, Estelle Cruijff....

Source: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shownieuws,

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