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Marga Scheide in Story: "Since Jacques' death I'm not afraid anymore..."

The latest issue of Story magazine features an interview with Luv' singer Marga Scheide in its "Story of My Life" section. 

Here's a translation in English:

Story: What did you want to do in the past as a child?

Marga: Hairdresser, like my older sister who is my role model. Later I wanted to travel. I was so curious about the world. But I became a photo model, a dancer and finally a singer. With Luv' we travelled a lot.

Story: Who was your first boyfriend?

Marga: Pepe, a Spanish boy, that I met on holidays. He was 24, I was 16. Because he was eight years older than me he was very interesting to me.

Story: What are you the most afraid of?

Marga: Nothing. Maybe spiders in my house. Outside I'm not afraid of these insects. 

Story: Which national or international celebrity do you admire?

Marga: I cannot name anyone in particular but I admire strong and firm people. 

Story: Which day of your life do you wish you didn't live?

Marga: I wish I didn't live the day my partner Jacques died of a heart attack in Ibiza in 2003. 

Story: To whom or what do you have an aversion? 

Marga: Liars. I'm always shocked when I find out that someone lied consciously. 

Story: Which part of your body would you like to change?

Marga: I know what's good or not in my body. But I don't want to change anything.

Story: What's your motto?

Marga: Being honest takes a long time. I really believe in this sentence.

Story: For which reason are people allowed to wake you up in the night ? 

Marga: For good news...

Story: With whom would you like to have a romance? 

Marga: I think Robert Redford is very interesting and a beautiful man. As well as a good actor. If he wanted to have an affair with me I couldn't say no to him. My partner Michiel knows it.

Story: What are you the most proud of?

Marga: On July 9th we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Luv'. It's so good that we've been able to sing for so many years. It wasn't always easy but we still perform. And the most important thing is that we still enjoy what we do.

Story: With whom do you want to reconcile?

Marga: With nobody. I can't be angry for a long time. Usually feuds resolve themselves. 

Story: What is your guilty pleasure?

Marga: Candy and Magnum ice creams (I can eat ten of them in one go). I restrain myself now but when I'm 80 I won't.

Story: Who was your greatest love?

Marga: It may sound unbelievable but actually I've had two persons I love the most. I was with Jacques Zwart for 20 years. He died when he was 57. Three years later I met Michiel Gunning. Also a great man. I didn't expect I would be in love again. Michiel and me have been together for 11 years and we are really happy. I think it's unique that I've been lucky to find true love twice. 

Story: In which special place did you make love?

Marga: This is my privacy...

Story: When did you cry for the last time?

Marga: Recently. I get rapidly emotional when something horrible happens to animals. When I watch terrible images I become sick and I burst into tears. Animal pain makes me sad.

Story: How would you rate your life?

Marga: 9.5 out of 10. Of course I've experienced bad things but I never look back. But because I've been so happy with a partner twice I'm giving a high rate. 

Story: What is your greatest achievement?

Marga: The fact I've always been able to take care of myself. I've always made sure that I am my own boss. Not to have certainties - this is a real challenge. I love challenges and I try everything.

Story: What's on the top of your bucket list?

Marga: Nothing more. Last year I travelled to India (it was on my bucket list for years). I went to this fabulous country with my niece. I wanted to go there but Michiel didn't want it. I'm so happy that my niece accepted to accompany me.

Story: What did change your life?

Marga: Jacques' death. The day after his passing I knew that I experienced the worst thing in my life. Despite the sorrow I realized that it was a magical moment: I had an indescribable feeling of rest. I've never been afraid since this moment.

Source: Story

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