samedi 10 juin 2017

José in De Telegraaf: "I'm not allowed to call Bonnie!"

Yesterday's edition of Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" featured an article about José Hoebee in its "Privé" section. Recently, she experienced trouble with her former colleague Bonnie St Claire (see news posted on June 5th, 2017). 

After her failed performance (see news posted on May 31st, 2017), Bonnie posted an agressive Facebook message that targeted José

However, Luv's lead singer remains hopeful. "I still consider Bonnie as my best friend. I'm sure that the text posted on Facebook wasn't written by her. Bonnie never does things like that," she said.

José is convinced that Anne Jan Jongebloed (Bonnie's husband) wrote this FB post full of hatred. 

"We used to phone regularly. But then Bonnie told me: "Don't call me anymore. I'm going to call you." I had a strange feeling during one of our conversations. I thought: "What is she saying now?". Suddenly she changed the subject when her husband entered her room as if she was hiding things from him. Now I'm sure who is behind the fact that I cannot call her. Anne Jan has never appreciated me and I'm not surprised by what happened. I hope that Bonnie is doing well and that she knows she can phone me night and day," José added. 

Source: De Telegraaf/Privé

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